Caesar Chaves 1994 State Capitol March Part 6 HD

We will lose our home … around … April 2nd 2013 unless we receive some support … please help us by going to this address …

Hello … my name is Gary E. Hill and I participated in the 1994 Caesar Chavez March to the State Capitol in April 1994 … from Delano, California.

We will lose our home … around … April 2nd 2013 unless we receive some support … please help us by going to this address …

This video begins with Arturo Rodriguez speaking to the crowd of 20, 000 people.

On the first anniversary of the Chavez’ passing in April 1994, Chavez’s successor, UFW President Arturo Rodriguez led a 343-mile Delano-to-Sacramento march or pilgrimage retracing the steps of an historic trek by Chavez in 1966. Some 20,000 farm workers and union supporters greeted the marchers–or peregrinos–at the steps of the state Capitol in Sacramento.

Chavez’s successor, UFW President Arturo Rodriguez, thanked the president on behalf of the United Farm Workers and said, “Every day in California and in other states where farm workers are organizing, Cesar Chavez lives in their hearts. Cesar lives wherever Americans’ he inspired work nonviolently for social change.”

I traveled with my Father in Law … Pete Garcia … you will see him in the Desert Fatigue uniform. We are both from Hanford, California.

Please see my other videos … especially the video … “Margie Gary Reception after the Wedding”

The link is … … and you will meet and see my daughter … Diane and my granddaughter … Emily.

It is a special section at the end of that video.

If it was not for … Mr. Garcia … I would not have met his daughter … Nellie Lupe Garcia … and Diane and Emily … would not have been born.

Nellie and I met during our Junior year at Hanford High School and on July 20th 1971 … we got married. Even though we are not married anymore … we are still good friends and our daughter … Diane enjoys knowing this … especially at family gatherings.

I have about two hours of video footage to show everybody and I will convert it to HD … 1280 x 720 … so it will be as clear as possible for everyone to view on YouTube.

I do have video footage of Martin Sheen when he began the march outside of Sacramento … I just need to unpack some boxes and find it.

More info is here …

My Facebook page is …!/Mach1016

If you get a chance … please watch my videos of my wife … Margie … I lost my wife on October 2nd 2012 … Margie suffered a stroke on September 28th 2012 … and on October 2nd 2012 … Margie passed on … I miss Margie very much.

Margie’s Facebook is …

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