Google Webmaster Tools HTML Improvements

Google Webmaster Tools HTML improvements video tutorial session looks at the importance of Google Webmaster Tools for website maintenance and enhancements

Using all the tools Google makes available for website owners can really make you manage a better website that adheres to Technical, Quality and Content Guidelines set by Google. HTML improvement option in webmaster tools can identify areas where you may have overlook when designing your website and web pages. It can pin point issues and suggest fixes for web page elements such as:

Duplicate Meta descriptions (all the web pages needs to be unique)

Long Meta descriptions: long Meta description means that you have utilized too many words within your Meta description. Keep it no more than 150 characters for Google search snippets to show your meta description. Also, create them in such way that you can improve your ranking results)
Short Meta descriptions: meta description that is less than certain amount of characters trigger this improvement, so as long as you have your description around 150 characters long your web pages will be okay.

Missing title tags: all your web pages should have unique titles
Duplicate title tags: all your web pages must be unique this can also identify duplicate content on web page level.
Long title tags: 55 characters is good enough for desktop devices
Short title tags: keeping your title tag 55 characters is good enough and will not trigger this improvement suggestion by Google
Non-informative title tags: title tags can often be misleading and Google can pick that up
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