Greyhound Bus down West Coast: #5 San Joaquin–Sacramento, California to Los Angeles 2015-04-09

A ride through the Grapevine into dry and sunny Southern California
0:01 Boarding at Sacramento, California
0:10 Leaving Sacramento, California
4:50 Stockton, California
7:05 Modesto, California
11:00 Dawn over San Joaquin Valley
12:25 Merced CA
15:55 Madera CA
19:00 Fresno CA
27:00 Bakersfield CA
40:45 Climbing the Grapevine CA
50:00 San Fernando CA
59:00 North Hollywood CA
1:01:50 Hollywood sign
1:15:50-1:16:50 Downtown Los Angeles Union Station area
1:25:20 Arriving at Greyhound Terminal, Los Angeles, California

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