Peterbilt 320 Amrep Elliptical: County of Sacramento

In July 2014 I made a trip down to Sacramento County to poke around the Friday South Yard collection routes and to see what I could find. I didn’t expect to see much, mostly because I didn’t start until 11 AM, but I did manage to find two Amrep Elliptical in-action, collecting trash, across from each other in two separate communities. This is all I got for now.

I do plan on going back out in the future to get more decent video of these trucks (using a tripod) sometime this Summer (if the timing works out) before the South Yard begins getting Labries.

If you want to see more of these trucks, check out Kenny’s Trucks. He films Sacramento County trucks out of the North Yard.

Filmed in:
Vineyard, California

Credits go to the driver.
Los créditos van para el conductor.

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