Search Engine Wars – Results, cookies, tracking, and Privacy

This video we have a look at some common search engines and examine them in light of privacy policy, bias, ease of use, tracking cookies, and more. We will also show you how to change the search default on Firefox and Chrome (Chromium). Check the times below for specific results.

Changing Search Engines in Firefox – 18:20
Changing Search Engine in Chrome/Chromium – 21:05

Clearing Firefox Cache – 22:35
Picking the search engines – 23:30
Google Privacy – 24:40
Bing Privacy – 27:45
Yahoo Privacy – 29:19
Ask Privacy – 32:30
Startpage Privacy – 41:42
DuckDuckGo Privacy – 47:50

Neutral Search – 51:25
Controversial Search – 59:00
Right Leaning Search – 1:03:55
Left Leaning Search – 1:08:40
Weather Check – 1:12:40

Cookie Check – 1:13:45

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