seo Mistakes to avoid – SEO Tutorial in Hindi Part 3

All seo mistakes to avoid in Hindi language which most bloggers do while search engine optimisation of their blog.
Some of these mistakes are related to on page optimisation and many of them are related to off page optimisation or you may called link building.
Here below we are mentioning many of the popular seo mistakes which can harm your ranking. These points are as follows :-
1 – Changing of the URL after publishing the post.
2 – Writing duplicate content which has been already published somewhere. If you have duplicate content your website then ranking may not be possible.
3 – Overuse of same anchor text at the time of creating back links.
4 – Using black hat seo techniques also very harmful for ranking.
5 – Mirror sites are also not good for search engine optimisation.
6 – Getting back links from already penalised or banned sites is also harmful for ranking.

We hope the above mentioned seo mistakes information will be helpful for you and you will avoid them in future also. We hope you will like this tutorial of seo in Hindi language.

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