Successfully Optimize your Remarketing Lists for Search Ads Campaigns

Join Googlers Akanksha Sinha (SMB Product Specialist) and Tom Hammel (Search Product Expert) for a deepdive into how to set up your Remarketing for Search Ads campaigns. With the upcoming holiday season, they share tips and tricks on how to optimize your RLSA campaigns to get the best performance.

RLSA allows you to optimize your search campaigns based on the audiences who are searching for your products. By utilizing advanced RLSA tactics, you can learn different ways to tailor your search bids, keywords and ads, based on which pages of your site the searcher has previously visited as well as in what timeframe. 

Introduction – 0:55
Implementation & Set-up – 4:37
Optimization Tips – 12:31
RLSA + Shopping Beta – 24:10

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