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http://www.webmasterforhire.us – (561) 822-9931 – SEO is advertising. Like any advertising, the results cannot be measured. Human behavior cannot be predicted enough to know who will click on a particular link. Once clients click on the link and visit the webpage it is ‘out of the SEO’s hand’. They cannot guarantee how you will respond to potential customers or vice versa.

Even when it comes to ranking positions, it is impossible to know how every website is optimized, and which ones Google will rank at the top. In fact, when a website does take postion #1 from one of my clients (and a dozen other SEO firms) we immediately work to retake that spot. And – to push the competition down without breaking any rules or acting irresponsibly.

Webmaster for Hire, LLC is a web design, development and internet marketing firm serving local, national and international clientele. Elizabeth Varian, President, assists small business owners by creating a professional, custom web presence. Her experience of over 14 years and personalized service, along with her ability to explain difficult concepts in easy to understand terms to the most fearful client, has enabled her to grow national clientele recognition.

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